Total So Far: $146,802 Target $150,000

Music for Relief and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) invite you to join us as we build an environmentally friendly, energy efficient home in partnership with a deserving family in need. Help us make a dream come true.

The house will be built to LEED specification, and will encompass many green building elements in construction and design, while still staying true to Habitat's mission of making simple, decent housing a matter of conscience and action. The green building elements utilized by HFH GLA don't put any additional financial burden on the homeowner.

  • If everyone who sees this site contributes ONLY FIVE DOLLARS, we will raise enough money to put multiple families into energy efficient and sustainable Music for Relief / Habitat for Humanity homes.
  • Once you donate send this link to everyone you know and post on your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.
Date Name Amount Comment
04/29/11 thequadsqueen $5 thank you musicforrelief and habitat GLA!
03/31/11 giddywithglee $10 GO GREEN! Poor people suffer the most from high energy costs! This is awesome, we love micro charity!
03/26/11 Lis $5 A little low on funds, but helping where I can.
03/12/11 Renzo Ice $5 Im Glad To help - From Malaysia ngeeeeeeee
03/12/11 alice laule $50 Thanks for all you do. I love your music and love your heart. You guys are all amazing!
01/21/11 GSO $5,000 GSO volunteers helped paint the MFR Green Home
10/12/10 Chubb $5,000 Chubb enjoyed a great build day at the MFR Green home!
10/04/10 oddgirl $50 I wish I could afford to give more, but hopefully this helps a little.
09/17/10 Momentous $2,500 We participated in a build on the MFR Green Home
08/28/10 Anna S $250 Making a donation as a gift in honor of a friend's birthday - sustainable housing for a deserving family - what a great gift to give!
08/26/10 Momentous_Insurance $2,500 Momentous is volunteering to help build
08/13/10 Daryl87 $50 This is so AWESOME, shout out to Linkin Park & everyone involved!
04/26/10 The_Collective $5,000 We support the MFR Green Home!
03/04/10 WBR $2,500 WBR volunteers will help build on 3/3!
03/04/10 Rhino_Records $2,500 Rhino Records is happy to support the MFR Green home!
03/01/10 Neivy $10 if we don't make a difference who will?
11/18/09 phill715 $5 I would give more money but that's all I really have at the time being
11/18/09 Bobbette78 $5 Every little bit helps!
11/18/09 aamok $10 live GREEN
11/18/09 hybridkyoto $10 Here's to the future. :)
11/18/09 NickMontero $10 Every effort counts to make our today's better than our yesterdays!
11/17/09 LPfan4life721 $25 Thanks Linkin Park for everything you do and giving back to the community! This is one of the reasons why you are my #1 favorite band! Keep up the good work.
11/09/09 Liam Judge $5 I hope this help's a little.
11/02/09 Nps@FSU $10 It is inspiring to see good work being done in the world.
10/30/09 Broccoli $5,000 From the Dana & Albert R. Broccoli Charitable Foundation
10/17/09 dkpdfa $100 ... and the kitchen sink too.
10/13/09 romanianfire25 $50 Thanks, Linkin Park, for giving back to the community - just one more reason why you're my favorite band. Glad I could help!
10/13/09 eddiez $5 Glad to LP, keep up the the great work and Music.
10/13/09 Jelliott $25 This is AWESOME!!
10/13/09 AnsticeJade $5 Music for Relief has, and continues, to do amazing things. I'm so proud of all the work they've done and are still doing. Keep up the good work, guys! I'm with you until the very end!
10/08/09 WEG $10 We should all be GREEN!

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