Total So Far: $13,566 Target $150,000

What does home mean to you? Think about it. But whatever your answer is, we hope you will join us to raise funds and put a deserving family into a new home in LA in partnership with Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity.

Everyone can be a part of this house ... it's easy!

You will be amazed how far your donation can go! Every dollar counts and no donation is too small. We need YOUR help ... first to fund the house, and then to build it, alongside your favorite GH stars!

That's right! Saturday, December 4, cast members of General Hospital put on hardhats, picked up hammers and spent the day building the walls of two homes, alongside Habitat for Humanity partner homeowner families, and 100 lucky fans and friends! But if you couldn’t join us for the build, you can still be a part of The House That General Hospital Fans Built!

Please click the button above, make a donation, and then send a message to the Habitat for Humanity families that will move into the new homes that the cast and volunteers built! 100% of your donations directly benefit a Habitat family in need, in The House That General Hospital Fans Built.

The cast members will be back to build with us again very soon and we will keep you all informed of the progress of The House That General Hospital Fans Built!.

Thank you for joining us, as together,
we build a home for the holidays!

Date Name Amount Comment
12/10/11 TXScrubsFan $100 In honor of Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, and everyone at GH who gives so generously of their time for all the amazing causes they support.
12/09/11 wulffg $1,000 Special recognition to Kimberly and Jason for everything they do to demonstrate once again their commitment to the community. SAME to all the GH family who are participating!
12/06/11 wulffg $1,000 In honor of all the generous GH team who are giving back to the community!
12/03/10 J Tucker $250 Supporting Habitat, KMc, JT, KS and all the other great stars from GH. Wish I could be there to build with you!
11/29/10 GHlifer! $50 What a great cause. Glad to support it.
11/24/10 Ellensfamily $100 Wish you were closer so I could actually pitch in with some elbow grease! Wonderful cause and I am honored to contribute
11/22/10 bevann23 $25 In support of Jason Thompson & Kimberly McCullough & the other great GH actors/ actresses participating in this worthy cause! Bless U All!
11/22/10 Habitat GH Fan $500 Thanks to all who participate in this wonderful project!
11/22/10 thescrubshub $25 For an inspiring organization, for a family in need, and in support of 2 actors (Jason Thompson & Kimberly McCullough) who are a little inspiring themselves
11/22/10 Frances H $77 In support of General Hospital's Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough who will be participating in Habitat for Humanity in December.
01/05/10 LA Productions $25 Happy Birthday, Ronnie! Wishing you many more to come. Thanks for letting us be a part of the GH house with you...we had a great day! Love ~ Lisa, Ani & the TEAM* at LA Productions
12/18/09 BrendaKonitzer $25 At the worst times I've always had food on the table and a place to sleep. If I can help give that to others, my petty problems seem less. Thanks to the cast of GH for all their hard work.
12/17/09 ghsoap $75 If we each donate even just 5$, it WILL help toward a goal & give hope & encouragement to those who may be losing all hope - they'll be able to reach that light in a dark tunnel. P.S.- Viva JoLivia!
12/11/09 lele44094 $50 So happy to be part of this wonderful event!
12/08/09 thescrubshub $50 So glad I can be part of an incredible group to help out an incredible cause
12/07/09 armywife $25 Everyone should have a home, especially at the holidays!
12/05/09 @LisaLoCFanSpace $100 Thank you to all of the fabulous GH-ers taking part in this wonderful cause! xoxo - Chrissie
12/04/09 jessdan $25 You guys are great for doing this. Love the show.
12/04/09 GH fan $160 To recognize Bradford Anderson's #1 fansite/journal Spinlj. These fans inspire others with their generosity. Please accept this donation in honor of them, Bradford Anderson & costar Kirsten Storms.
12/03/09 mznicole1986 $25 In honor of my Favorite GH couple.... JOLIVIA, I am happy to donate to this wonderful project!!
12/02/09 BKup22 $10 Congratulating the cast of GH for giving back to their community. (Oh, & joining LA Productions in helping this worthy cause!)
12/02/09 krismax $5 I think it's wonderful to see so many gh'ers involved. Keep up the great work!
12/02/09 lamcrae59 $10 I decided to donate a smoke detector based on all of the the SMOKIN' HOT GH actors and actresses involved with this VERY worthy project! I wish it could be more! I love and admire all of you!
12/02/09 Nathaline $10 Happy Holidays! Thanks GH Cast Members & Fans!
12/01/09 compassion $100 "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering" We need more people with "compassion"
12/01/09 Nikki84 $25 I wish I could donate more but I'm not able to at the moment. I have to save as much money as possible as I am currently unemployed. But when I secure a new job I will be back to donate once again.
11/30/09 SandyM $100 Fantastic event for a very worthy cause. Thank you all for giving your time and making a dream come true for this family!
11/30/09 TheDrsQ $50 I'm happy that I can help out in some small way. What a great cause.
11/28/09 FILA65 $25 A wonderful cause....lack of sun at night, so let the "light shine inside" :)
11/27/09 fanoftheQs $10 Such a great cause!!
11/26/09 CarolynW $5 General Hospital actors r very giving people especially Braford Anderson. A house starts with a box of nails. Use it wisely.
11/25/09 Chappy $150 Thank you so much for doing this. Help keep dreams alive.
11/25/09 Estela Bella $25 Let there be light! GH is always up for a great cause! :) This is awesome and I'm glad that I can help just a bit.
11/24/09 greytfriend $25 sent me, what a great site and this cause is wonderful. Thank you to to all of the celebs involved!
11/23/09 sthaas $25 Nothing like the feeling of helping those in need.
11/23/09 sthaas $25 Nothing beats the feeling of helping others!
11/23/09 sthaas $25 There's no better feeling than being able to help others in need! :)
11/23/09 sthaas $25 There's no better feeling than being able to help others in need! :)
11/23/09 JoluCrew $730 Thanks to all of the wonderful actors, everyone at GH, and our fellow fans who are so giving and generous to donate both money and their time!! -WIWY Johnny and Lulu forum
11/23/09 anonymous $100 Happy to support the BEST cast of the BEST Soap (esp. my wonderful favs, KS and BA). God bless you and the family you help to make happy memories!
11/22/09 $50 What a wonderful way to give back, especially at this time of year.
11/20/09 emanuellemarie $10 Great cause, wish I weren't so gawdawful broke!
11/19/09 @johnnyandolivia $150 The webmistresses of No Apologies, the Jolivia fansite, would like to thank all the GHers who are donating their time and energy to help others. We love you guys!
11/19/09 MsSutton4Spinelli $10 I am thrilled to hear about this amazing opportunity, especially when I read that Bradford was involved! ;)
11/19/09 MaloriP44 $5 Welcome Home!!
11/18/09 JoMaxNation $100 Great cause and our board is honored to participate!
11/17/09 Meghan $10 Everyone deserves a place they can call their home.
11/12/09 Nathaline $5 The cast of GH is awesome for building a new house for a family in need, and I am so glad to be a fan of them.
11/12/09 @floeyg $10 With all the hotness building this home, a smoke detector is a must.
11/11/09 Kager509 $10 Everyone should be this fortunate "GOD bless America!"
11/11/09 soaplvnscorpio $25 Here's just a small donation (would do more if I could) to help you acheive this very worthy goal.
11/10/09 Sarah $118 Best wishes for a great build & safe healthy happy life for the family who will make this house their home.
11/10/09 p84wrd $25 GH is more than just a soap opera.. Its a caring family!
11/09/09 Quartermainefan $10 What a great project and it is nice to see more of Daytime giving back
11/07/09 creativechristy $5 I support this effort made by GH stars! Way to go!
11/07/09 Amy $10 luvs!
11/07/09 gwaddie $25 One light fixture in honor of Bubbles the Lamp & the rest of the GH Cast generously providing sweat equity!
11/06/09 franklinmom $25 What a great thing you all are doing. GH actors are a class act.
11/06/09 Purdue0612 $25 Great Cause...We all need as much light as possible!
11/06/09 Peggy G. $25 because we all need a little light in the world....
11/06/09 Starresky $25 Thanks for taking the time for this great cause!
11/05/09 dlt832 $100 I Love GH and Kudos to all the actors who give back
11/05/09 ZiggysMom $10 Can't think of a better way to spend my birthday!!! Helping build a home with the GHers!
11/05/09 ElBee4 $10 A great cause and a great show! :)
11/05/09 jessiebrewer $25 If everyone bought a light fixture we could light up the world...or something like that
11/05/09 $5 Been watching since the 70's. EVERY day I watch. I haven't donated much. I work for the State of California (better known as the state of confusion). Being furloughed from the state. I still can help.
11/05/09 gretchi $10 GH is awesome!!!
11/04/09 ProudGHFan $25 Glad to help in any way I can and work with my friends from GH. It is an honor :)
11/04/09 samismyhero $10 Wish I could do more.
11/04/09 laca69 $5 Wish it could be more. You guys are awesome. Every nail helps to build a dream.
11/04/09 SouthernVixen $10 I would love to help you guys out with this great cause.
11/04/09 mom_k $15 The very least I can do, wish it were more. Thanks GH actors for giving so much back. I'm proud to be a fan
11/04/09 Ricktg $10 Thanks GH
11/04/09 tclath $10 Very happy to help a family in need and also the cast of my FAV soap GH!!:)
11/04/09 lorithestory $5 Glad I could make a small contribution to a great cause.
11/04/09 Bev S. $5 I believe in this but cannot help to build so this is a good chance to be a part of a house.
11/04/09 KitKat573 $10 Every bit helps! Can't have too many smoke detectors
11/04/09 xochitlquetzal $100 To start off the heart of the home... a kitchen sink!
11/04/09 romo4322 $25 A fantastic cause! Thanks so much for the opportunity to help. Hugs to all, Rose
11/04/09 LSimms $25 Happy to support this great effort; thanks to Ronnie for his note about this project. Donating in memory of my grandma, Hazel, who got me started on GH so long ago.
11/03/09 bdeisn $25 Wonderful cause. Good luck and thank-you
11/03/09 $1,000 In Memory of my beloved son Michael, I make this loving donation
11/03/09 woundedblonde1 $25 Let there be light!
11/03/09 tlh4425 $5 Buying a box of nails to help the awesome GH actors build a house!
11/03/09 knowadrake $25 Happy to help! Great concept and idea! And a win/win for all!
11/03/09 kellysieg $25 With love.
11/02/09 Scrubs Fan $5,000 What a great cause! Glad to support.
11/02/09 THTGHFB2 $5 $5 for a box of nails.Everyone can help!

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